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Festive Do One More Thing- Week 3- Presents for Children

posted Nov 18, 2013, 9:32 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

Of course Christmas is really about children, and their little faces are unlikely to light up when you tell them that Santa’s giving them a miss this year because he’s fallen out with the Waste Fairy!


So, how to have happy kids and a happy bin?

 children silhouette cheers


Here are some ideas…


·         Little children really could not care less where their present comes from- they’ve not learned what second hand is. There’s lots of second-hand-but-good-as-new stuff just waiting for a home on e-Bay, at the toy stall at the school Christmas fair or at Oxfam. Many of the books in the Oxfam Book Shop on Catherine Street really are so good that they look like new, and, of course, you’re supporting a great cause too.


·         For bigger children, you could discuss the advantages of second hand to them- £20 will buy a whole lot more pre-loved goodies than brand spanking new.


·         Older children may really appreciate the gift of an experience. Roller skating lessons? A voucher for a cookery workshop? Tickets to go up The Shard?


·         We talked about the gift of time for adults, but kids can really appreciate it too. A day in London visiting Tate Modern, a trip down the Thames on the ferry and whizz over the river on the Emirates Air Line would be inexpensive but a lovely day out with Mum or Dad all to yourself.


·         Of course there will be things that kids are keen to receive and will get a lot of use out of. If you are buying stuff it might be worth clubbing together with someone else so that you can spend a little more and give a quality, durable gift. Think too about energy and batteries. A large supply of rechargeable batteries are a must for some electronic games!