MARCH 2021


An opportunity for change - how can we ensure our councils build back greener?

Build Back Greener


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM GMT


2020 was a hard year. It also showed us the drastic change is possible, and we need our councils to make those changes.

With council elections coming up on 6th May, we've got a fantastic opportunity to ask candidates to pledge to make the changes we need.

So join us to decide what our top asks will be, and how we can get them at the top of the election agenda.

Bring along your ideas, and guest speaker, Annie from Friends of the Earth will bring suggestions based on FoE's Climate Campaign.

Based on your ideas, we'll decide

  • what we'll be demanding from council election candidates;

  • what we need to do to get the campaign going to make a difference locally;

  • and, to follow up, what event will we do for this year's St. Albans Sustainability Festival?


Everyone welcome, whether you're new, or not so new, to St Albans FoE :)

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20s Plenty - Success in SADC.

Now tell Herts County Council to do the same

Residents across the District could soon be swapping their 30mph limits for 20mph ones, as the Council has declared its support for a lower default speed.

A big, big thank you to all of you who emailed your District Councillor asking them to vote to take the next steps to wide area 20mph zones in St.Albans, Harpenden and local villages.

The great news is that the motion was passed and work will be started on lower speed limits for safer, greener and more sociable streets.

Now tell Herts County Council what you think of plans for improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

Herts CC has been given government money to spend on improving conditions for walking and cycling, and they're asking what you think of their plans.

In St. Albans, they're suggesting a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Fleetville and a cycle lane on Marlborough Road - great ideas as far as they go.

Take a moment to have your say

  • use the interactive map to pinpoint improvements you'd like to see - perhaps safer junctions, safe crossings, dropped kerbs etc

  • fill in the survey to say what you think of their proposals - perhaps you live in or near the proposals and welcome the changes. Perhaps you'd like to see similar changes near you.


It only takes a moment to show Herts County Council that better conditions for walking and cycling are welcome in our area.


And finally... Get active on social media

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