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Thank you to everyone who turned out for the National Day of Action on Fuel Poverty


A Big Thank you to everyone who turned up in the freezing cold to join protestors around the country on the Day of Action on Fuel Poverty. The icy temperatures were a timely reminder that over 6 million people are struggling to afford to heat their homes this winter, and that we urgently need the sustainable solutions that the United for Warm Homes campaign is calling for:

  • financial help for those most in need now

  • a comprehensive programme of home insulation

  • an energy system based on affordable renewables not expensive fossil fuels


Our aim at the moment is to get as many local groups as possible to pledge their support for the campaign, before persuading candidates to include these 3 asks in their manifestos for the next elections.


Every group that gives its support makes it more likely that we'll win the political support needed to make these changes a reality, with huge wins for people and the planet.


Come along and be part of this!


Join our meeting on 23rd January 7.00pm at the Friends Meeting House in St Albans to learn the skills that you'll need to approach organizations and ask for their support for the United for Warm Homes campaign.

From all of us in St. Albans Friends of the Earth, have a peaceful festive season and here's hoping for a 2023 that's better for both people and the planet.


And finally... Get active on social media


If you've not joined the St. Albans Friends of the Earth Facebook Group yet, then there's no time like the present.

And get on Twitter to find us at @stalbansfoe

If you're really keen, then get some top tips to be really effective on social media here.

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