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2 Local Wildlife Sites need your Help Now

Broadwater Lake SSSI and Potters Crouch Plantation are under threat from development and need your help now. Read on to learn what's proposed and what you can do.


Broadwater Lake is a huge body of water near Rickmansworth that has been left undisturbed for decades. It is an essential haven for birds, bats and invertebrates - so  important, in fact, that it has been designated as an SSSI.

Hillingdon Council has applied for permission to build a new outdoor activity centre on a wooded peninsular in the lake to enable not just water based activities like canoeing and paddle boarding but also land based activities like go karting and zip wires.

Whilst the new centre would be great for local people, wildlife campaigners say that this is not an appropriate localtion. With the proposed level of disturbance, sensitive wildlife would leave Broadwater Lake and another precious wildlife site would be lost.

Not only that, but allowing development of a SSSI would set a dangerous precedent for other SSSIs.

Learn more from the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust about what's proposed and have your say to protect this wildlife haven now.

The second local wildlife site that needs your help is Potters Crouch Plantation near Chiswell Green, a nature packed area of mature woodland. Centurion Golf Course has applied for planning permission to add another 10 holes to their 18 hole golf course.

Adding these 10 holes would entail the removal of over half the trees - about 1800.

At a time when we're relying on trees to absorb and store carbon, we need to protect mature trees like these.

Not only that, but the expanded golf course would disturb woodland that is rich in locally rare birds and butterflies.

Whilst Centurion's planning application assures us that no significant harm to biodiversity will arise, Rupert Evershed, Chair of Herts Bird Club, says that these claims are not credible and he sees no evidence that the existing wildlife has been properly assessed.

Do go and take a look at Potters Crouch Plantation for yourself, and take a moment to comment on the planning application now.

The planning reference number is 5/2023/2112.

Thank you for caring.


Thank you for everyone who came out for the United for Warm Homes Day of Action

And finally, thank you so much to everyone who came along to the United for Warm Homes Day of Action, helped with our Community Quilt or signed or shared our United for Warm Homes petition.

We met with Daisy Cooper MP, presented our petition, showed her the quilt and asked her to support the campaign. Daisy Cooper MP loved all the diverse squares in the quilt we showed her and expressed her support for our campaign saying,

"Too many people here in St Albans are being forced to choose between staying warm or feeding their families. ''The situation is utterly unacceptable and it is abundantly clear that the government is not doing enough to help. That's why I've added my voice to the calls of St Albans and District Friends of the Earth, to call for an urgent home insulation programme. This programme will not only see local houses become more climate friendly, but more energy efficient. This will see a reduction in costs to local residents and the earth alike."

So a successful step in the United for Warm Homes campaign which we'll be ramping up next year in time for the election.

Photo by Callum Heron


And finally... Get active on social media


If you've not joined the St. Albans Friends of the Earth Facebook Group yet, then there's no time like the present.

And get on Twitter to find us at @stalbansfoe

If you're really keen, then get some top tips to be really effective on social media here.

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