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United For Warm Homes


The Energy Crisis

Soaring gas prices are causing misery for millions across the UK. Even with the UK government's price freeze and the £400 grant, the average energy bill almost doubled between October 2021 and October 2022, with even higher bills predicted over the coming years.

And it’s not just energy that's getting more expensive. The cost of food, clothing and other essentials is rising while wages stagnate. Some estimates suggest up to 6 million households will be in fuel poverty this winter.

Anyone on a lower income or out of work is at particular risk, and research also shows that people of colour, disabled people and young people will be disproportionately impacted.

While global energy prices are resulting in eyewatering bills, years of government neglect on home insulation has left us particularly vulnerable. The UK’s homes are the among the poorest insulated in Europe. When we heat leaky homes, the warmth escapes through our walls, ceilings and floors. The result? Higher bills, wasted energy and more climate-wrecking emissions for no good reason.

And with over 80% of UK homes dependent on climate-wrecking gas for heat, our failed energy system is not only fuelling an energy bills crisis, but also worsening the climate crisis too.

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Our Goal

The energy crisis has made one thing clear: our housing stock and energy systems are broken. Without rapid, meaningful action, we’ll face continuous hardship. That’s why United for Warm Homes is calling for: 

  • Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills.

  • A new emergency programme to insulate our heat-leaking homes.

  • An energy system powered by cheap, green renewables.

But we’ll only win our campaign if we can show that we have broad and vocal support from our local community. Without pressure from the people who vote for them, politicians won’t feel the need to act. Our aim is to build local public support for the campaign, through organising engaging community events, craftivism activities, film screenings and much more. 

We’ll make sure our current politicians take notice of our growing campaign and hear our demands clearly. Our political campaigning will significantly ramp up in to run up to the 2024 general election when we’ll run a coordinated nationwide election campaign. We’ll make sure all political parties know that to get elected next time, they need to commit to urgently fixing our energy system so it works for people and planet. 

Together we can win the fight for warm homes that don’t cost the earth. 

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St. Albans


Our Local Supporters


St. Lukes


Ask your MP to take action for warm homes

We think of St Albans District as a relatively well off area, but even here people are left with the impossible choice of staying warm or putting food on the table. We need our government to do more and your MP can help make that happen.

We're calling for:

  • Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills – through price guarantees, targeted extra payments and fair energy pricing.

  • A new emergency programme to insulate our heat-leaking homes. Insulation is the cheapest and easiest way to reduce bills and cut emissions. 

  • To move to a homegrown, renewable clean energy system.

Can you take a minute to call on your MP to take action for warm homes?

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