Come and help get new trees for St. Albans started at our AGM on Tuesday 11th February

It's our AGM on Tuesday 11th February 7.30pm

We'll be getting through the official business of appointing officers, accepting accounts and other necessaries swiftly.

Then we'll be planting trees seeds, to get new trees for St.Albans off to a good start.

Campaigning has paid off and St.Albans District Council is planning to plant 600,000 trees in the District. But where will these trees come from? Growing trees from seed rather than planting imported saplings avoids risking spreading tree diseases, reduces plastic use and produces young trees that acclimatise more quickly.

We're looking for people to plant and care for a pot of tree seeds. You'll be given training and full instructions and whilst you don't need a garden, an outdoor space is required.

So if you're interested in..

  • doing something practical to help boost biodiversity and cut carbon

  • finding out more about trees and our other campaigns, and suggesting targets for 2020

  • standing for the post of Coordinator, Secretary or Treasurer or helping out with social media..

..do come and join in.

Sarah, has kindly offered to host our AGM at her lovely Passivhaus in Harpenden, so please email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com to let us know you'll be there.


We're looking for a Treasurer -

do you have what it takes?

It takes all sorts to keep a group like St. Albans Friends of the Earth going, and we're currently looking for a Treasurer. It's not an onerous job and shouldn't take more than an hour a month, but it's invaluable for keeping our group going.

It needs some careful record keeping, settling occasional payments, and some simple accounts drawing up once a year.

If you think you could take on the role of Treasurer for our group, email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com


Here at St.Albans and District Friends of the Earth we’re keen to do what we can to improve our environment here and in the rest of the world. We’re a small, friendly group who meet once a month. 

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