Show your MPs and councillors what a green and fair COVID recovery looks like

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world upside down. As we look to recovery, we have a rare opportunity to rebuild our systems to better serve people and planet. This autumn the UK government will publish the Comprehensive Spending Review detailing the sectors and areas where they aim to spend money.

It’s a crucial opportunity to implement a green and fair recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends of the Earth has put together some great ideas, but what would this recovery look like near you?

Next weekend, 10-11th October it's your chance to take a look at your patch and think how it could benefit - a cycle path down your road, a tree outside a school, an opportunity for new, green jobs putting solar panels on a roof?

Think of it like a scavenger hunt and seek out the clues that point the way to a better future!

There are so many opportunities and we need our politicians to see what they are.

What can I do?

  • Take a photo of the place near you that you'd like to see changed , with your arrow pointing it out - check out Nina and Susan's photos for some inspiration

  • Share your image on social media tagged #TakeClimateAction (On Twitter we're @stalbansfoe, our Facebook Group is St.Albans Friends of the Earth or email your image to stalbansfoe@hotmail.com for us to share

  • You could also tag your MP - @LibDemDaisy or @BimAfolami

We'll put all the images on our website to show the opportunities that exist in our District for a Green and Fair Recovery

Looking forward to seeing your great ideas!


Your help is needed to help 3 local environmental issues

You can make all the difference!

Save Symondshyde

Symondshyde is a popular local beauty spot with woodland edged by hedge lined fields with a remote rural feel. However, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council have earmarked Symondshyde as the location for a new village in their Local Plan.

The protest group, Save Symondshyde were delighted when, earlier this year, it looked like the plans for the new village had been dropped. But Symondshyde is once again under threat - now with even more houses.

Save Symondshyde have made it easy for you to contribute to the planning process by filling in a few quick questions.

Will you spend a moment adding your voice?

Say no to 19 million passengers a year from Luton Airport

In spite of a steep down turn in business during the pandemic, Luton Airport still want permission to increase passenger numbers to 19 million per year.

More aircraft would mean more carbon emissions, more local air pollution and more noise disturbance for local people.

You have until 11th November to respond to the consultation.

Campaign group LADACAN have lots of helpful background and points to consider when responding to the consultation.

The full consultation information can be found here

The response can be filled in here.

Don't worry if you don't have time to answer all the questions - do what you can!

Save our chalk streams!

We are lucky in Hertfordshire to have internationally rare chalk stream rivers, like the River Ver, supporting unique wildlife. However, these rivers are running dry because we are diverting so much water into our taps. Here in St.Albans we each use 10 litres more per person per day than the UK average, putting more pressure on our precious chalk streams.

Affinity Water, who provide our water, have launched Get Water Fit, help for all of us with saving water. There's useful free water saving devices and even help fixing those water guzzling leaky loos.

By saving water you're also reducing your carbon footprint, so take action now.


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