Let's get to work on more trees for St. Albans

We've got 2 great opportunities coming up to spread the word about the good trees do and the opportunities for planting them. We've got a quick quiz to test peoples' knowledge, ideas and inspiration about where to plant trees, and the opportunity to plant an acorn.

We need help to do this.

Can you spend an hour or two to help at our stall at Aylett's Apple Day on Sunday 20th October? Sign up here

No special knowledge is required, just enthusiasm to do something about climate change and biodiversity loss.

Fill in this poll to show when you can help with our Apple Day Stall

The second opportunity is at the Alban Arena on 10th November at wildlife film maker Gordon Buchanan's talk in the evening.

Stalls at Gordon's events always attract enormous amounts of interest. Sign up to help here.


Engine Idling - Switch off for Cleaner Air!

There are so many reasons why sitting in your car with your engine running is a bad idea - the air pollution makes us ill, it burns fossil fuel and produces CO2 and it's a waste all round. But so many of us still do it because we just don't realise.

So a gentle nudge to switch off is often all that's needed.

We've got pocket sized leaflets that you can hand to idling drivers.

Email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com and we'll send you some. They make it easier to ask drivers to think about the health of those nearby and switch off their engines. A polite request is usually all that is needed to clean up the air and cut carbon right there.


Time is Running Out!

Time is ticking by to cut our carbon emissions and avoid runaway climate change - and St. Albans District Council is working on a plan to cut emissions around St. Albans District to net zero by 2030.

We've provided some feedback on the current draft, but your comments are welcome too.

If you'd like to comment, then email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com and we'll send you a copy. 


Here at St.Albans and District Friends of the Earth we’re keen to do what we can to improve our environment here and in the rest of the world. We’re a small, friendly group who meet once a month. 

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