Ask your County Councillor to support 20mph

zones throughout Herts towns and villages

Photograph by Lewis Clarke

During lockdown roads felt safer and we saw everyone from small children to the elderly out cycling and walking. Air pollution fell and carbon emissions dropped.

Now, however, cars are back and many feel too threatened to cycle, walk or play on their streets. But with 20 mph speed limits on roads like yours, we can make our streets feel safer once again.


Take action now


Hertfordshire County Council is proposing a Speed Management Strategy which, if adopted in this form, would mean that speed limits are decided on the basis of existing traffic speeds rather than for reasons of safety and the environment.

We have until 16th September to ask County Councillors to support a Strategy that will permit town and village wide 20 mph zones.

Please email your County Councillor and ask them for a Speed Management Strategy enabling speed limits to be determined for reasons of safety and the environment.

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