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Week 8- It's all wrapped up!

posted Dec 13, 2013, 12:04 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

This is a really simple area to cut down on your waste; if you do one thing this Christmas to cut down on waste, tackle the wrapping.




·         Reduce the amount of wrapping you use by thinking laterally; use newspaper, pillow cases, scarfs, tea towels!  Make it a little competition in your family to come up with the best wrapping without buying paper and increase your chances of winning by making easy but effective gift bags out of newspaper.  It can still look beautiful, if you want some wow factor. 

·         Or buy wrapping you can reuse like gift bags, and don’t write on them or shut them with tape or staples. 

·         On the day, gather up big pieces of paper and keep them flat for wrapping a small present another day.

·         If you need to buy paper, then make sure you can recycle it; basically anything that’s not sparkly / metallic.  You can leave sellotape on; it is sorted in the recycling process.  

·         On Christmas Day, have different bin bags / boxes ready for (a) stuff you can reuse, (b) card & paper, (c) hard plastics, (d) plastic film, and finally (e) actual rubbish.  (Sigh, if only we had mixed recycling here in the St Albans.)  Separate the packaging immediately as presents are unwrapped, so you’re not left with a big job at the end of the day, when you’ve eaten too much pudding and lost the energy to do it! 


Please feel free to share this e-mail, and if you know anyone who would be interested in joining in the festive bin slimming fun then just drop us a line.