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Next meeting: Tuesday 9th April at the Crown Pub @8.00pm

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IMPORTANT: Call on Herts County Council to adopt a Pollinator Policy

Herts County Council care for many important areas that could be pollinator havens - like roadside verges, parks, school grounds and roundabouts. With habitat loss being a factor in the decline of bees over recent years it's important that these areas are managed in a pollinator friendly friendly way.

Friends of the Earth have successfully influenced some councils to put pollinators first and adopt local Pollinator Action Plans. Can you ask your council to do the same?

Please ask Herts County Council to adopt a Pollinator Policy here:

Bees need your help at Ayletts Apple Day Sunday 21st October!

We'll be at Ayletts Apple Festival
 on  is our last chance to persuade members of the public to support our call to Herts County Council to adopt a Pollinator Policy.

We'll have materials to help dispel some myths about bees and encourage people to take action in their own gardens to help bees, and we'll have postcards to Herts County Council for people to sign.
It's usually a fun day with an interested public. Events that Ayletts have laid on will include:
  • Apples for Sale
  • Food Tasting
  • Local Crafts
  • FREE ‘Make an Apple Bird Feeder’ Children’s Activity
And much more…

Please can you spare an hour or so to help out? Sign up on here, or drop an email to stalbansfoe@hotmail.com.

St. Albans Environment Action Group

Please spread the word about new way to get environmental action in St Albans.

St. Albans District Council
Anyone interested in environmental issues in St Albans District is welcome to come along to the first meeting of the provisionally-named Environment Action Group.

The meeting is in the Chamber at St Albans Council, St Peter’s Street, Friday 26 October 7pm to 9pm.

This group aims to bring forward ideas for environmental action from outside the Council, and to find ways to promote those ideas to the Council where possible. This first meeting will discuss:

* how meetings might work in practice
* what environmental issues we might look at in future
* any environmental aspects of the agenda for the following week’s Community Environment & Sport Scrutiny Committee.

This is not an official Council group - it has developed from discussions between local residents and two councillors. Unlike the Environment Forum that was wound up a few years ago, the idea of this group is to focus on what can actually be changed and achieved locally, with and alongside the Council.

If you would like to come along, please email at cllr.s.grover@stalbans.gov.uk so they know rough numbers.

Act on plastics now!

Plastics are choking our oceans, but there's so much we can all do to help
  • refuse straws in bars and restaurants
  • take your own reusable cup when buying take away coffee
  • always take your own reusable bag when shopping
  • buy second hand plastic items, including synthetic clothing, and donate your own unwanted items so others can reuse them
We're delighted to partner with Plastic Free St.Albans in working towards an end to single use plastics. 

You can follow @stalbansfoe and support #PlasticFreeFriday.

Water Bottle Refill Points

You know what it’s like, you’re enjoying some retail therapy in town, which is thirsty work, and your bottle runs dry. 
Nothing for it but to buy a bottle of drink, adding another plastic bottle to the world. Wrong.

Christelle from Plastic Free St.Albans (of which St.Albans Friends of the Earth is a partner) is working with St.Albans District Council, Affinity Water and St.Albans BID (city centre businesses) on St.Albans Refill. Under this scheme businesses display a sticker in their shopfront indicating that they are happy to fill up your bottle for free. It reduces the number of plastic bottles we get through, and, for participating businesses, improves their green credentials and gets potential customers through the door.

If you’re a business who’d like to join in, then simply sign up using the free Refill App (available from your App provider). You can collect stickers to show your participation from St.Albans District Council reception.

And if you’d like your favourite cafe to participate then you can ask them before adding them to the network via the free Refill App.

It’s well worth getting the Refill App on your phone as each time you Refill you can log a point on your phone and work your way to a smart, steel water bottle. Also, you’ll be showing how useful the scheme is for you.

As part of this scheme, 2 water fountains are planned for St.Albans later this year, with more to follow as funds allow.