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Car fumes

St.Albans Deserves Clean Air

Monitoring by St.Albans District Council and by St.Albans Green Party has shown that EU air pollution safe levels are exceeded in numerous places around St.Albans District.
This air pollution leads to about 100 premature deaths each year in our District by contributing to lung, heart, circulatory problems and even cancer and dementia.
Children are particularly at risk - their long term development is affected by early exposure to air pollution.
St.Albans Deserves Clean Air

Take action yourself and email St.Albans District Council now to tell them that clean air is important to you and that you want your council to take effective action.

What a great week it was! Over 100 public events plus lots of events at schools.
Over 2000 local residents engaged with the idea of sustainability.

The week is organised by a group of volunteers from St.Albans Friends of the Earth and Transition St.Albans who raise the money necessary for publicity etc.

If you think Sustainable St.Albans Week is a good idea and should happen again then take a look at how you can help get things started for next year.

Ask the EU to halve food waste

Food waste is a scandal.  

Next month the European Parliament has the chance to set a binding target to reduce food waste by 50% between now and 2030. That means that all countries in the EU would be legally required to take action to cut their food waste in half, from farm to fork.

But without pressure from people like you the European Parliament could decide to water down this inspirational commitment. Please help persuade them to halve food waste.
Let's halve food waste

Whether you voted for Brexit or not: make 

sure the environment doesn't suffer

Puffin in flowers

The British people have voted for the UK to leave the European Union.

This decision puts many of our environmental and nature protections at risk.

We can no longer rely on the EU to:

  • protect our nature and habitats
  • keep our beaches clean
  • help to clean up our air
  • ban bee-harming pesticides.

And much more.

So we have to work even harder to make sure these protections aren't lost.

Email your MP now to ask that they pledge to protect our environment.

How can schools help? For lots of information and ideas take a look at our Schools Page - including details on making your own bug hotel.

We're looking for more schools who would like to become more bee friendly. We can help you transform a small piece of land near their school into a flower rich wonderland for bees, bugs and humans to enjoy, or to build a bee and bug hotel using recycled materials.

Is your school up for it? Get in touch at stalbansfoe@hotmail.com

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Take a look here at what your St.Albans parliamentary 

candidates had to say on issues of sustainability and fairness -

 remind yourself what they promised!

Our thanks to Ivor Kellock for his help with this video.

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