JULY 2019


Highfield Park Litter Pick  (note change of venue)

Highfield Park - Sunday 11th August at 4pm

Sunday 11th August at 4pm - Highfield Park

Bring your family, friends and dogs, pack your gardening gloves and litter pickers (if you have them) and join us at 4pm outside Charters Health Club 59 Russet Drive AL4 0DB.

We'll be keeping this beautiful park clear of litter and helping to make it a place for everyone to enjoy.

Email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com with queries.


Can you help us at Earthworks on 31st August?

Earthworks events are so popular and our volunteers always find the stalls we run there tremendously rewarding.

On Saturday 31st August between 12-4pm join us on our stall asking people to take small steps to help the environment - and themselves.

Email stalbansfoe@hotmail.com with an email entitled Earthworks and the time on 31st August between 12-4pm that you'll be able to help. Thank you 

Globally important river threatened by power showers

The River Ver that trickles through St.Albans is one of only 250 chalk stream rivers globally, and was once deep enough to power watermills and carry boats. Years of sucking water out of the aquifers that feed it has left the Ver a pathetic shadow of its bubbling, life giving self. 3 years of below average rainfall have left brown trout and other wildlife stranded and dying.

Whilst we're increasingly aware of the damage that we're doing to the aquatic environment through plastic pollution, few of us around St. Albans understand the importance of the River Ver or what our profligate use of water is doing to it.

Be part of the solution:

  • use water sparingly - shorter showers, fewer flushes and popping the house pipe back in the shed will make a real difference

  • look out for water leaks and report them to Affinity Water on 0800 376 5325

  • check out the Ver Valley Society to help raise the profile of the Ver Crisis


Here at St.Albans and District Friends of the Earth we’re keen to do what we can to improve our environment here and in the rest of the world. We’re a small, friendly group who meet once a month. 

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