10 ways to kill the planet

How much CO2 do each of these produce in a year?
Match the energy use with the amount used…

Answers, and a better way to run your life, can be found here

1.A car journey of one mile to and from school each day

2.Using the tumble drier to dry 1 load of washing each day

3.One return flight to New York for a family of 4

4.A family of 4 eating meat for 1 meal per day

5.Heating a home with minimum insulation to 22oC

6.Buying a paperback once a week (energy used to make it)

7.Using an electric oven for 30 minutes a day

8.Buying a new computer (the energy used to make it)

9.Lighting your home with normal lightbulbs

10.Boiling a full kettle four times a day

A:  130kg      B:  180kg       C:  200kg      D:  240kg      E:  430kg      

F:  530kg      G:  650kg       H:  2650kg    I:  4750kg     J:  4800kg