Getting involved

Action to take now

Air pollution affects all of us - and harms the planet.

Ask the government to ban dirty diesel - whilst all vehicles pollute, diesels are particularly bad. 

Cutting diesel cars will cut air pollution, so let's ditch diesel now. The government's plans to ditch diesel by 2040 will leave generations of children suffering from the effects of air pollution.

And you can do things differently -
  • walk or cycle for all short journeys: great exercise and no pollution
  • any journey that can't be walked or cycled, try and share lifts with someone: a sociable way to halve the pollution
  • switch your engine off when your car is stationary - it will reduce your exposure to air pollution and help local air quality.
  • if you take a taxi, ask for an electric taxi. There are a few around St.Albans already, but if we keep asking for them there'll be more

Refuse the straw!

Keep your eyes open and you'll see discarded plastic drinking straws all over the place. They're used for a matter of minutes and then become part of the increasing volume of plastic debris that will pollute the environment for thousands of years.

We can all manage without disposable straws.

1 billion black plastic food trays go to landfill each year.

Let's fix this.

WA A billion so called recyclable black plastic trays used for ready meals and other food end up in landfill each year because the pigment used to make them so black and shiny also makes them invisible to most of the machines that sort our recycling. So however carefully we sort our recycling these trays still end up in landfill/at the incinerator.

For half a penny per tray a different pigment would sort out the problem.why they won’t change their black plastic food trays (the type ready meals are sold in) to a different material so that they can be properly recycled. If you haven’t contacted your supermarket yet, there’s still time – and FoE’ve made it really easy to contact them through the website.

Come along to one of the events on our meetings and events page.

Next FoE meeting:

Tuesday 3rd October 8pm The Crown, St.Albans


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