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Action to take now

Air pollution affects all of us - and harms the planet.

Air pollution leads to about 100 premature deaths each year in our District - it increases our risk of heart, lung and circulatory problems, exacerbates asthma and allergies and has been associated with changes in the brain associated with dementia.

Sign our petition asking St.Albans District Council to Clean Up Our Air.

Testing by St.Albans Friends of the Earth and also by St.Albans Green Party have revealed air pollutants at places in St.Albans that exceed EU limits.

And there's practical stuff you can do too -
  • walk or cycle for all short journeys: great exercise and no pollution
  • any journey that can't be walked or cycled, try and share lifts with someone: a sociable way to halve the pollution
  • switch your engine off when your car is stationary - it will reduce your exposure to air pollution and help local air quality.
  • if you take a taxi, ask for an electric taxi. There are a few around St.Albans already, but if we keep asking for them there'll be more
  • trees and plants are proven to catch and reduce harmful particles in air - green up your front garden and clean up the air in your street.

Have your say on the Hertfordshire Local Travel Plan

It’s anticipate that an extra quarter of a million people will move to Hertfordshire by 2034, and with roads around St.Albans already overcrowded if nothing changes things will get a whole lot worse. What we need is a plan for how we’re all going to be able to get to work, to school and all the other places we need to go for the next 15 years.

Which is what Hertfordshire County Council have set out in the latest draft of the Local Transport Plan, on which they’re asking for your views.

Tell them that you support their plans to get us out of our cars and for St.Albans to become a Sustainable Transport Town.

You’ve got until January to make your views known.

Whilst the full Local Transport Plan is a hefty 100+ pages, it’s written in easily digestible language and there’s an Executive Summary if time is short.

If you’d like a bit more background, then listen to the Local Travel Plan podcast on Radio Verulam 92.6fm and see what Cllr Derrick Ashley Cabinet Member for Environment, Planning and Transport for Hertfordshire County Council has to say.

Some good news for bees, but we're not there yet!

A growing number of scientific studies have shown that neonicotinoid pesticides (‘neonics’) are harming bees.

That’s why we asked Environment Secretary Michael Gove to commit to a total ban. He has just announced the UK will support tougher restrictions on neonics.

This is an amazing success - and it wouldn't have happened without your support. But bees aren't quite safe yet. For now, we need to keep the Environment Secretary to his promise - will you help?

Sign the e-petition to ask Michael Gove to commit to a total ban on neonicotinoid pesticides.

Refuse the straw!

Keep your eyes open and you'll see discarded plastic drinking straws all over the place. They're used for a matter of minutes and then become part of the increasing volume of plastic debris that will pollute the environment for thousands of years.

We can all manage without disposable straws.

Come along to one of the events on our meetings and events page.

Next FoE meeting:

Festive Drinks Tuesday 12th December 8pm The Crown, St.Albans


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