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Incinerator: Information and actions for you to take

Incinerator Update

Although proposals for a municipal waste incinerator at New Barnfield have now been rejected, incineration of waste within Hertfordshire is still under consideration.

 For further detail please see the blog section www.hatfield-anti-incineration.co.uk

Information on Incineration in Hertfordshire
Herts County Council had hoped to build a 270,000 tonne incinerator, to burn all the domestic waste (black bag waste) from the whole county, and probably from other areas too.


  • It will cost £220 million, whereas other methods are much less expensive


  • Herts CC will have to pay for a 25-year contract, which will prevent high recycling and composting as the incinerator needs plastics, paper, and organic matter to burn.


  • Emissions from incinerators are harmful to health


  • Incinerators create CO2, contributing to global warming, whereas recycling and composting reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Resources are wasted if materials such as plastics are burned instead of being recycled


  • Centralising waste-treatment on one large site causes a huge impact on one area, especially through traffic pollution


  • There are good alternatives to incineration, which concentrate on reducing waste at source, increasing re-use/recycle/composting, with modern methods being used to deal with any remaining waste; the aim is for eventual zero waste.  There are now over 130 towns and regions around the world working towards zero waste including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Canberra.


See what an international expert says: Internationally renowned scientist and waste expert Paul Connett gave a presentation here in St.Albans, first to members of the public and then to an Overview and Scrutiny committee of St.Albans and District Council.
You can see the presentation he gave (see attachments at the bottom of this page)

 Act on Waste: Clean Up Your Act!
Inspired by the film The Clean Bin Project, we joined up with Transition St.Albans in following the film's advice to "take one thing and make it sustainable".

So we created a 14 week programme of tips (plus festive tips for next year to help us use less and waste. We hope you find our tips helpful and fun! www.stalbansfoe.org/home/do-one-more-thing



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Nov 10, 2010, 12:52 AM