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Week 9 - Nearly there!

posted Dec 21, 2013, 12:32 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

Nearly there – Santa’s sledge is packed and his elves are breathing a communal sigh of relief. If you’ve been following the waste saving tips you’ll be well on your way to a bin friendly Yule. So here’s just a few last minute reminders. 


 ·         Keep the recycling bins to hand – perhaps you could find a couple of card board boxes to use as easily accessible indoor recycling bins with big labels on so the system is clear to visitors. Take a look at the recently council leaflet explaining what goes into each recycling bin. If you have lots of guests staying, then would it be possible to position recycling bins around the house, if only to prevent you having the grim job of sorting through mixed bins later?

·         Food clear out: If you spend the days between now and Christmas making an effort to eat up leftovers, store cupboard odds and ends and those things that have been lurking in the freezer for a while then you’ll have lots of space for Christmas leftovers.

·         Be ready with the batteries: If you’ll be spending Christmas in a house where there will be children- or anyone else playing electronic games- then having fully charged rechargeable batteries at the ready will avoid disappointment.

·         Last minute cards and presents: If time runs short and you still have cards and presents to get to people, then the online charity options aren’t just low waste, but also low on lead in time. Try Oxfam unwrapped , WWF and Friends of the Earth