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Week 7: Holidays

posted Aug 1, 2013, 12:14 PM by Amanda Yorwerth

Holidays: We might be rigorous clean bin fanatics all year, but when we go on holiday our good intentions often disappear out of the sea view window.


So our 3 tips for this week are:


·         When you’re out and about, take a picnic: this way you can avoid the packaging from bought sandwiches and bottled drinks, whilst still incorporating locally bought treats. You might want to take your picnic bag, drinks bottles and some sandwich boxes away with you to make this easier.

·         Look out for recycling facilities when you arrive, particularly if you are self catering: I’ve found over the years that it’s worth a little more effort looking for the facilities as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than spoiling the end of our holiday trying to find the beer cans in the smelly bin. Holiday cottage owners and letting agents are usually more than happy to provide information as they get sick of trying to dispose of endless black bags of rubbish.

·         Bring back local food products: if you’re expected to bring back presents, then simply packed local produce can be as nice as anything – local honey, wine, preserves, dried herbs or spices