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Week 6- More about food

posted Jul 12, 2013, 12:11 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

·         Clear out store cupboards: I was once given the contents of someone’s cupboards when they went abroad. There were 10 partially used bags of similar pasta, food that was decades past its sell by date and odd bits and pieces brought back from holidays that had long been forgotten about. I used what I safely could, but lots of the food had to be binned. But it happens all too easily. Go through your cupboards and sort out the duplicates and things that have been sitting there for a while. Design meals for the following week to incorporate as many of these as possible. Repeat after 6 months.

·         Leftovers night: We might think of the US as the home of excess and waste, but many Americans make a habit of having a leftovers night most weeks. Leftovers from previous meals are refrigerated (I find takeaway tubs great for this) and, along with those bits and pieces from the fridge that are nearing their sell by date are served up as an exciting smorgasbord of a meal. My family enjoy a meal like this with odd combinations of food that you’d never plan for but that can be unexpectedly good! And if you fancy being creative with your leftovers, there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

·         Doggy bag in restaurant: We often like to eat out more over the holiday period, but restaurant portions are often a rather outsized one size fits all, and we often like to leave a little space for something tempting from the trolley. Rather than leaving the leftovers to be binned, don’t be shy: ask for a doggy bag. Again, this is standard practice in the US and is catching on here. If you know you have a small appetite you could always go prepared with a container or bag.