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Week 5- The Big Things

posted Jul 8, 2013, 9:43 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

The BIG Things: There’s no point in recycling milk bottle tops and then taking 2 sofas to the tip, so this week we’ll take a look at the big things that you (hopefully!) won’t be disposing of on a regular basis, but which make a big impact when you do.


So our 3 tips for this week are:


1.       Join Freegle: This is basically a Yahoo group which enables you to ask for things and give away things for free. You can join up here -  note it used to be called Freecycle. To get you in the picture,  I’ve given away a bike seat, half a water lily, a chest of drawers, an old dolls pram etc and I’ve received a sofa, a jam thermometer, some old track suit bottoms for cub camp- you get the idea.

2.       Take furniture to Oxfam or Emmaus: If you’d like your old furniture etc. to go to a good cause, then try Emmaus or Oxfam Dunstable

3.      Use Ebay: For the uninitiated, this is an online auction. It can be a bit of a hassle, but is a great way of finding someone who can use your unwanted items, wherever they are in the country, or, indeed, the world. A friend of mine sold old Tupperware to a collector, it is a brilliant way of buying or selling a bike, and I bought a lovely dining table that converts to a snooker table from someone who was pleased to see the back of it- the range of things is endless. Remember to quote for your postage, as this can be expensive, and remember that it is an auction so put a reserve price on if you don’t want to see your item go for a song. If it’s all too much of a hassle, then E-bay trading assistants will sell things for you for a fee.