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Week 5- Christmas Cards

posted Nov 24, 2013, 11:37 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

Whilst charities do undoubtedly make money from selling Christmas cards, those same cards use up natural resources and turn into rubbish once the New Year hangover has worn off. Apart from that, there’s lots of crafty fun to be had from making your own, and with all those hundreds of cards, it’s lovely to stand out from the crowd.

 christmas home decoration


·         Send e-cards: There are so many lovely e-cards available now, and they do, of course, cut our resource use and waste almost completely. Whilst you’re likely to want to send some of the real thing, e-cards can be great for groups of friends- your book group, the PTA committee or your sports club friends, for example. Also, you can tie e-cards with a donation to your favourite charity and they’ll get all of the donation- unlike with the real things. If you’d like to support an environmental charity, then WWF and Friends of the Earth have some particularly lovely pictures to choose from.


·         Make your own cards: Use scraps to make your own cards. They needn’t be great works of art but are bound to be appreciated. You could spend a lovely evening with a member of your family or a group of neighbours making cards.


Buy recycled and recyclable, then recycle! So try to avoid cards with plastic stuff and heaps of glitter, which aren’t popular with the card recyclers.