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Week 3 - In the Garden

posted Jun 26, 2013, 2:26 PM by Amanda Yorwerth

With the weather warming up, we spend more time in our outside spaces, so this week we’ll look at gardening.

 Even a pot on a window sill can supply fresh, tasty food and help cut down on food packaging waste, and our gardens are somewhere we can really start to close the loop, turning waste into raw materials.


Salad from seed: Salad leaves have proportionally more packaging than most other fresh food items, and one way of avoiding this is to grow your own. All salad leaves are easy and most can be grown in containers. Rocket is particularly quick to grow and pricey to buy. 

Herbs from cuttings: Why grow shop bought herbs in plastic bags or glass jars when you can so easily grow your own? Herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme and mint are simple to grow cuttings: you could have new plants in a few weeks. Either take cuttings from friends’ plants, or, take cuttings from your own plants to give as presents or swap.. You can even grow basil in this way- handy, as it’s a bit late in the season to start it from seed.

Get composting:  I am amazed at the number of people who still don’t compost. Not only does it close the loop on your kitchen and garden waste, it also means you don’t have to buy in bagged soil improver to keep your garden growing. If you have the space, a compost heap can be as simple as a heap covered in old carpet. For tidier and more contained affair,  you can buy a compost bin from the council’s Wasteaware scheme . If you don’t have a garden,  you can make your own wormery (a contained composter where worms work on food waste) - ChrisBeardshaw shows you how