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Week 13- it's never too early to start...

posted Aug 29, 2013, 11:17 PM by Amanda Yorwerth

We’ve got a few children related tips that we’d like to share. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you might be able to pass on the tips to someone else who might benefit. We’ll start with pre-school children this week.

·         Use a toy library. I remember well how quickly my children became bored with the beautiful toys that Granny gave them- what a waste of money and resources. Toy libraries are a great solution to this problem. They usually have toys for children from birth to 5 years. You pay a membership fee, then have access to a large array of toys that you hand back when the kids get bored of them. We have a local St.Albans Toy Library but there are other bigger (and more expensive) libraries available online for example http://www.toyboxlive.co.uk

·         Use washable nappies. Help prevent some of those 8 million nappies we in the UK dispose of each year. St.Albans District Council has a webpage with lots of information on washable nappies, including their cash back scheme.

·         Second hand clothes. Babies and young children grow out of clothes so quickly that making sure that someone else gets some use out of them makes even more sense than it does normally. In particular, the local NCT sale is a great chance to sell one your used things as well as picking up some bargains yourself.


And as a quick tip that is especially relevant to children, but relevant to all of us, if you’ve not changed to rechargeable batteries, then now would be a good time. Doing so prevents producing hazardous battery waste, saves you money and means that you’ll never be without a battery but will just have to wait a short while to charge one.