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Week 12: Clothes

posted Aug 28, 2013, 12:38 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

Oh yes, time to feel guilty, this week we’re looking at clothes. Did you know that in the UK we throw out more than 1 million tonnes of used clothing and textiles every year, most of which ends up in landfill? (Defra, 2007)



But don’t despair. You can indulge your desire to change your image as and when you please, without the guilt…


·         You’ve been into local charity shops (the ones in St.Albans are good, but the ones in Harpenden are worth a special trip) but have you tried on line second hand shops? Start with Oxfam online where you can search by sex, item type and size. They even do fancy dress. And of course local charity shops are a great place to pass on your clothes once you’re ready to part with them.

·         There’s loads of upcycled/recycled clothing available now- which I like as it gives skilled people the opportunity to make a sustainable living. Notable are Patagonia who use recycled PET to make fleeces, will mend your clothes when they’re damaged and take them back when you’ve finished them, and Style with Heart, a directory of many different online shops.

·         We often throw clothes out because they are damaged or we’ve grown out of them. Skill yourself up with this online help: sewing on a button, darning a sock, taking in the waist of a pair of trousers