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Week 11- Cleaning

posted Aug 22, 2013, 12:39 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

Cleaning: It seems a bit crazy that so often, in cleaning up our houses we mess up our environment.


So, to help clean up your act, our 3 tips for this week are:


·         Use old phone/membership/credit type cards as a scraper. I was given this tip by dinner ladies in a staff canteen, but the plastic cards also work well to remove unwanted paint from windows etc, scrape sticky marks off walls, clean in tight gaps etc.


·         Smart cloths: There are loads of different specialist microfibre cloths available which work on windows, sinks, polished areas etc. They work with just the addition of water, so don’t need lots of plastic bottles of different cleaning chemicals, and can be machine washed hundreds of times, unlike disposable wipes which, funnily enough, are intended for just one use. I particularly like my microfibre glass polishing cloth, but I’ve heard good reports about all sorts of cloths. They are available from places like John Lewis, Robert Dyas  etc


·         Invest in a good door mat. I found this on a website giving tips on industrial cleaning, and I suppose it makes a lot of sense. Much of the muck and dust that enters our home and buildings comes on the soles of our shoes, so leaving the dirt on the doorstep means we don’t need to clean floors etc half as much. A washable, natural fibre doormat is most effective.


Also, thanks to Romayne for pointing out that you can get Ecover machine wash liquid, washing up liquid etc containers refilled at B Healthy at the Quadrant.