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Festive Do One More Thing- Week 4- Presents for You

posted Nov 18, 2013, 9:34 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

We’ve looked at presents for other adults and for children, but what about presents for yourself?  You want Christmas to be special, but you want to be kind to the environment.  Perhaps people are starting to ask you for ideas, and you don’t want to offend anyone!  What you ask for (and importantly what you don’t ask for) might inspire others and make them think. 

 santa039s cap


Here are some things to consider;


  1. Don’t be afraid to be different.  Let people know if you think second-hand is just as good, or if you don’t want anything.  For people who really want to get you “something” you could suggest an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, a bottle of wine, or that they take you out for coffee.


  1. Think of something you’d like to do rather than something you’d like to own.  Perhaps they could get you a voucher for afternoon tea at Luton Hoo, or theatre tickets.  How about an art exhibition in London, or a voucher for Go Ape.  Why not write a list of ten things you’d love to do and ask friends & family to choose one and arrange for you to go together. 


  1. If there are things you want, try alternatives before you reach for Amazon One-Click. Did you know you can search Oxfam on-line now?  Use local, independent shops where you can. How about the Vintage Emporium?  Suggest eBay for used DVDs; people often only watch them once.  How about People Tree for fashion, or protecttheplanet for cool recycled homewares?  The most important thing really is to get things that will last and are well made, so that you are not buying the same thing again in a year.


  1. If what you love is a surprise, then just tell them that, but engage them in the Do One More Thing challenge.  “Surprise me with something small and lovely that has no packaging and that’s wrapped in a funny way without buying new paper!” and then trust your loved ones to enjoy the challenge too.


Hopefully, after all that thinking, there will be less polite smiling on Christmas Day and more genuine joy!