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Festive Do One More Thing- Week 2- Presents for Grown Ups

posted Nov 18, 2013, 9:28 AM by Amanda Yorwerth

If you’re trying to make your Christmas a little lighter on the environment this year, then here are some tips for choosing presents.  You’re trying to avoid buying unnecessary and unwanted “things” just because you need to buy “something”.  It can take a little bit of planning ahead, so start noting down ideas now. 

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Here are some things to consider;


  1. Question the rules a little.  We all grew up with unspoken rules about Christmas, but you can think harder about them now.  Does everyone have to give everyone a gift?  Could you pick names from a hat and give one gift to one person?  Could you pool together to get one thing they really want instead of several little things?  Can you agree a “wishlist” system (like children’s letters to Santa) which everyone in the family is happy with, to avoid unwanted presents?  Can you agree that second-hand is just as good as new? (Try eBay, the online Oxfam Shop, or the Oxfam bookshop on Catherine Street?) 


  1. Give gifts of time and tickets to events rather than “things”.  Why not give babysitting vouchers to busy parents, or arrange to take your parents out for afternoon tea; buy your husband an experience day, or get your sister theatre tickets?  Think about something the two of you could enjoy doing together and offer to arrange it.  For many loved ones, the gift of spending time with you will give them far more pleasure than a new DVD or book. 


  1. Make something (you don’t need to be a craft expert).  There are hundreds of ideas on the web. For inspiration, try AllAboutYou or Pinterest. For edible gifts like chocolates, try BBCGoodFood (they rate the ideas by how easy they are!). If you want to be crafty but you’re just not, then why not book for you and a friend to go to LavenderBlue for a workshop?


  1. If you want to buy the something, try alternatives before you reach for Amazon One-Click.  How about trying the gift guide at the Ethical Superstore?   Or the Fairtrade Store?  Or one of many eco-friendly shops like MyEcoStore?  In town, try local shops like Raindrops on Roses and the craft shop on George Street.