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Christmas Trees

posted Nov 29, 2013, 3:53 AM by Amanda Yorwerth


When you stop to think about it, Christmas trees are a strange idea; why do we cut down a tree and put it in our living room as part of our celebration?  It’s estimated that each year, over 30 million Christmas trees are produced in America and over 50 million are produced in Europe.  And a week after Christmas, they are all heading for composting or (even worse) going in to landfill.  Buying a plastic tree isn’t the answer, although if you’ve already got one then obviously try and make it last.


So how do we keep the charm but cut down on the waste?


·         Buy a living tree:  Living trees last for many years if looked after.  You can bring your living tree in doors for Christmas and then put it in the garden for the rest of the year.  Remember to water them well when they are indoors, because the central heating will dry out the soil.  They are easy to find at Homebase, Notcutts, Ayletts, etc.


·         Think differently: Have a look at these alternativesSome of them are a little odd (Godzilla Christmas tree?!) but others are simple and beautiful, like finding a long branch, putting it in a vase and decorating it.  How about letting the kids decorate a cardboard tree?


·         Don’t buy new decorations: If you want a change, why not swap with a friend, or spend some time with family making some?  There are loads of websites dedicated to making decorations, like this and this, and the easiest of all are pretty dried orange slicesOr buy recycled decorations like theseIf you really need new lights, get solar ones.


·         After Christmas, if you have bought a tree, then make sure it is recycled by taking it to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre (“the tip”!).  Small ones can go in your green bin.  Some garden centres collect them, for a fee, like Ayletts.


Please feel free to share this e-mail, and if you know anyone who would be interested in joining in the festive bin slimming fun then just drop us a line.