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Let's work for Clean Air Everywhere!

Air pollution leads to about 100 premature deaths each year in our District by contributing to lung, heart, circulatory problems and even cancer and dementia.

Children are particularly at risk - their long term development is affected by early exposure to air pollution.

We put up 10 diffusion tubes around St.Albans to test the levels of air pollution. Take a look at the results below. The European Union have set a legal mean annual limit for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at 40µg/m3.

As you can see, the results at a number of sites is above this level, and the result from the end of London Road, near the London Colney Roundabout are nearly double that. People live near this junction, and do remember that we're very much at risk from air pollution when we're in our cars.

Take action now!

Idling cars are a significant cause of air pollution - you can see that from our results chart. Idling Action St.Albans is a campaign to clean up the air in St.Albans by asking everyone to switch off their engines.

You can help!

1. Switch off your car engine when your car is stationary
2. Help us spread the message by volunteering to help on one of our stalls
3. Ask other drivers to switch off. In our experience most are happy to comply

The next Sustainable St.Albans Week is being planned for April 2018.

You can help by asking for a token in local Tesco stores to vote for our application for funding for the Know How Festival which we hope will be part of the next Sustainable St.Albans Week.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 3rd October 8pm at The Crown on Hatfield Rd St.Albans

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