Easy Ways to help the Environment - and Yourself

Replace old fridges and freezers with modern A++ rated energy efficient models
The cost of a new fridge/freezer may seem like a lot, but it could save you £50 or more a year on electricity as compared to an old model. In a few years the new fridge/freezer will have paid for itself!

Turn them off
Artificial lighting accounts for 44 percent of electricity use in office buildings. Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you're leaving any room for 5 minutes or more. Same goes for electronics; switch off power strips and unplug electrical devices when you're not using them.

Reduce Plastic Waste
Simple measures to reduce plastic consumption and pollution include:
  • Say no to straws and plastic stirrers;
  • Use reusable shopping bags;
  • Buy and use a reusable coffee cup;
  • Buy food without packaging, such as loose tomatoes, broccoli, apples and bananas;
  • Reuse plastic containers;
  • Give up chewing gum which is made of polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate plastic;
  • Choose aluminium and glass packaging instead of plastic (although these have their own problems!);
  • Use cloth nappies instead of "disposable ones" (many companies offer a collection and cleaning service);